Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dress of the Day: BCBG Max Azria Dress

So, I'm really into dresses right now.  The weather is getting warmer and I'm ready for dress season to be here!  One of my friends asked me for some advice on what to wear to a wedding this summer.  We looked at a few online shopping websites and came across  For those of you who don't know anything about bluefly, listen up!  Bluefly is one of the first online retailers to sell FASHION... not just clothes! They sell huge brand name clothing lines for a discounted price so even single moms like me can afford it!  One of the best parts of their website is if you have any questions about anything you can talk to a Personal Shopper, Monday thru Friday, for style advice!

SO we were looking through the dresses and we came across this bad boy...

A black & white printed silk kimono BCBG dress...LOVE IT.  I told my friend that this is THE DRESS I would wear.  It retails at $280 but you can get it at Bluefly for $168!!!  40% OFF!! That's a great deal for a fabulous silk dress. You can wear it out to drinks, a show or a wedding... any special occasion really. I loved looking through this collection. It's feminine but edgy at the same time!

So now that we have the dress we need the shoes, right???  =)  No need to go too far, Bluefly has shoes too!  LOL.  I'm the kind of girl who loves to look at shoes online but you always wonder, are they going to fit and if not, will I be able to return them? Luckily, Bluefly has a 60 day return policy so I can buy shoes and try them on and if they don't fit, I can just return them!  Anyways... back to shoes!  Since I love the BCBG dress, I want to get shoes that go with it. I came across these...

Black patent strapy heels!  YES PLEASE!!!  All the BCBG Shoes were amazing.  I can't believe I'm just NOW figuring out about this site!  These shoes retail for $185 but you can get them at Bluefly for $111... another 40% OFF!  

So, we could get an amazing BCBG dress and BCBG shoes for under $280 and get a TON of wear out of them because they are from a top of the line designer!  Sign me up! 

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