Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My latest experiment: Glitter Nails

This experiment wasn't THAT hard but I have never used glitter nail polish before so it was new for me!  I didn't want JUST glitter on my nails so I started out using my Sally Hansen InstaDry polish in pale pink.  I applied 2 coats of that and let it dry completely.  I also used a nail polish drying spray to speed up the process and it totally works.  I did this at like 10:30 last night and wanted to go to bed immediately! Anyways.... After applying the pink polish and letting it dry, I got my Sally Girl Mini Glitter Nail Polish in Chunky Pink out and started dabbing it on a little at a time. The glitter in this particular bottle is all mixed up with little flecks of glitter and then big chunks of glitter.  I want to make sure that it was evenly distributed on to my nails so I just did a little at a time.  I did not brush it on! Make sure you dab it on so that your glitter doesn't just pile up at the ends of your finger tips!  After a few coats of the glitter polish I let it dry and then sealed it with a clear top coat.  This is super simple and I think it looks super cute! 


  1. cute nails!! thanks for followings =)

  2. thanks! ditto! please share my blog with your friends and I will do the same!! =)