Monday, June 6, 2011

Girly Obsession: Pretty Soap

I think every girl wants to smell good!  Whether it's for themselves or someone else, smelling fresh, fruity or floral is something a girly girl takes pride in.  Being a girly girl myself, I love coming across new "smell goodies."  I love Bath & Body Works (I could spend a fortune in there)... I love perfume counters... I love soap shops like Lush.  Sometimes I don't have the time or money to go to Lush so through my social media connections I came across Mel's Sweet Bar

Mel is a girly girl too! She makes amazing soaps and bath bombs in fun designs like cupcakes and slices of watermelon! ALL of her products are skin safe, which is great for me because I have sensitive skin! She uses 100% pure almond oil in the products and all are glycerin or cold process.  I had to try out her soaps and I'm glad I did!  This is what I got!!!.............
Red Velvet Cupcake Soap
 Electric Lemonade Soap
 Birthday Cake Bath Bomb
 Pinky Paradise Bath Bomb
 Pink Sugar Scrub

I haven't been able to use ALL of the products yet but I will tell you that the Red Velvet Cupcake Soap is in my shower right now and it smells SOOO GOOD.  Not only does it make your skin smell delicious but it makes the whole bathroom smell yummy!  I've also used the Pink Sugar Scrub and I'm not sure if she gave me the wrong thing or what but there was no "scrub" on the Pink cubes of soap she gave me so they are more like little cubes of sweet smelling soap, which I'm fine with.  She threw in an Electric Lemonade soap to compensate I think!

If you have any questions about these products, let me know! If you want to purchase from her website I encourage you to do so but HURRY!  She's re-vamping her website, products and packaging starting June 25th and will be on hiatus until July 15th! 

Another company I'm enjoying right now is the Scottish Fine Soaps Company! I was in Marshall's a while back and always love to look in there bath & body section.  They normally have pretty high end products for a fraction of the price! I came across The Scottish Fine Soaps - Soap in a Tin!  They had a few different scents in cute little tins and I HAD to get one!  I ended up buying the Lemon soap and it smells out of this world!! I highly recommend these soaps for your kitchen or bathroom.

I hope you enjoyed this look at "pretty soaps" and if you know of any good, cheap, pretty soaps... let me know!


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