Monday, January 9, 2012

FOUNDATION FIXATION: My Search for THE BEST foundation for my skin.

I can admit it.. I'm OBSESSED with foundation. Tinted moisturizer as well. I WANT even toned skin! I WANT glowing, natural looking skin! But it's been hard to come by lately for me without looking cakey or blotchy or something! I have dry skin and it's worse during the winter and trying to find a foundation that covers AND hydrates, has been challenging.


Over the next month I'll be searching for the perfect foundation/tinted moisturizer for my skin. I will look high and low... near and far! (Actually I'll probably just go to my local drugstore, Target and maybe I will track my progress and have tutorials and reviews of each foundation I'm trying out!

Come along with me on this journey!

Do you have any recommendations?? What's your favorite foundation?


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